Books, Flyers, Discussion, Oh My!

Hey Everyone!

Hope everyone’s week is going well. Again, a blessed month and feast of the Presentation of our Lord! We had a lot of fun playing games last meeting, but an hour was too short. So, be on the look out for more fellowship to come! Anyone have a movie for us to watch together? Let us know!

This week’s meeting is Wednesday 4-5pm in the HGSC (that’s the Student Center, haha) Rm 367A. It’s on the third floor of the new part (south side?) If you need help finding the place, give us a heads up 🙂 We will be continuing our talk on Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy, as well as taking a look at our flyer! (Thank you Tyler)

Don’t forget, this coming week is UPenn’s Orthodoxy Week. Be sure to go out and enjoy as many of their events as you can! Look forward to seeing you soon!

In Christ +


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