Racketball Fellowship Friday!

Last week we had a great meeting and decided on what service projects we want to participate in the semester. We decided on working with Philabundance and Cradles to Crayons which are to awesome charity organizations!

This week is a fellowship meeting so the plan is to bond over some friendly competition on the racquetball court! It doesn’t matter if you have never played before, you will pick it up in no time. So no excuses! We will meet a little before 5 on Friday in the lobby of the IBC (which is on Cecil B Moore right in front of the parking garage) If you can’t figure out how to get there just shoot me a text at 484-354-4022. Be there, Its going to be wild!

“We come to understand that we are in a living relationship with Christ which requires us to learn the one true rule of the Master — the law of love. We learn how to apply this law to every situation. “Love God first, then love your neighbor as yourself.” This Law of love moves us beyond the fear of breaking rules to imitating Christ our Lord.”

—Fr. Ted Bobosh


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