Blessed Month & Holy Protection Intercede for Us

1240201_10151882205704244_922210569_nCan’t believe it’s October already, National Orthodoxy Awareness Month. So be aware and help spread that awareness this month of our Faith!
Excited to see you all again this Thursday, October 3 from 5-6pm in room 205. For our Education Day topics, we will be talking about Violence in the “God of the Old Testament“. See you then!
In other news; 

  • LOGOS is having Praise and Prayer tonight @ 7:30-9:45pm in Tuttleman room 302, singing and praising God on the first of this month!


  • St. Vlad’s in having a College retreat this Saturday on the book “For the Life of the World” by Fr. Alexander Schmemann. It’s from 9am-8pm and is opened to college students and young adults. Registration is $10



  • Had a good EPOC this past Sunday at St. Andrew’s. We can talk about where we’d like to go next at our meeting
  • Don’t forget registration for College Conference East and Real Break continues! RB Honduras is now full, but there’s still room in RB Detroit!
 Ok, that’s it for now. Peace!

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